Femme sur un vélo électrique hybride anod sur un pont parisien
femme sur un vélo électrique hybride anod pont parisien

Always electric, with or without battery

Your next bike will be hybrid.

vélo électrique hybride anod sur reflet d’eau

A new standard

The best of technologies and attention to detail.
Designed with one idea in mind: the best possible experience.

Press :

anod, the French hybrid VAE with unique technical solutions
Batterie bleue du vélo électrique anod hybride petite

The first bicycle battery that fits in your pocket.

batterie vélo anod hybride électrique sur table café qui recharge un smartphone en usb

A featherweight

Thanks to its 650g and its miniature size.
Your battery is forgotten and fits anywhere: pocket, bag, jacket...

homme qui recharge la batterie du vélo anod hybride dans un bar

Charge it anywhere, anytime

Your battery recharges in less than 1h30 via USB-C thanks to the anod mini charger.

And if you prefer, you can even use any other charger, it works too.

Homme qui pose avec le vélo électrique hybride anod dans la nuit

A unique concept


A bike with electric assistance, even without a battery. It uses two types of energy storage; supercapacitors and a miniature lithium battery.

Our technology

The anod hybrid system

Détail du système hybride du vélo électrique anod

Three technologies

In its aluminum case, the anod hybrid hides a concentrate of technology.
The anod hybrid system trio consists of our MHR1 motor, a miniature battery, and a supercapacitor pack.


Equipe anod devant l'anod, vélo électrique hybride



These people make sure to produce the best technologies to put them at the service of your daily life.
100% of the design is carried out in France, as is the manufacturing of our technologies: motor, electronics, battery.
The final assembly is in Vendée.


Years of research

A long road to a revolution:
7 years of R&D for our anod MHR1 motor,
5 years for the anod hybrid system,
100% design in France.
And that's just the beginning.

Sustainability and INNOVATION


We combine the future of energy storage: supercapacitors composed only of aluminum and coal, and a very efficient motor.

This allows us to use a battery using 6 times less lithium than a conventional bicycle battery, and to increase its lifespan.

Homme sur le vélo électrique anod hybrid, hybride

Ride, and forget everything else.

Various assistance modes, ultra-quiet frictionless motor.

Every journey is a pleasure.